Jennifer Egan


Jennifer Egan was born in Chicago, currently lives in New York but grew up in San Francisco. She writes both fiction and non-fiction. Her books include the Pulitzer Prize winning Visit from the Goon Squad. In Visit from the Goon Squad she references the tumultuous 1980 SF music scene and explores many other “California centric” issues.

What does this amazing writer have to say about writing? First, she is prolific, usually writing up to seven original pages a day. She also believe that the location one writes is important and that re-writing is where the critical works get done.

“Sometimes if I’m writing original stuff I find its best not to be here [in my office]. But especially with editing, which is what I really spend my time on, I’ll do 30 drafts of a chapter. I find the time disappears quickly when I’m doing that.”

Read the rest of her interview here.

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