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Napa Valley Writers meets  second Wednesday of the month

7 – 9 p.m.

$5 Fee for members, $7 for non-members. Students with ID – free.

Integrating Nature into your Writing

Napa Valley Writers will host David George, a UC-certified Master Gardener, published writer, and past president of the California Writers Club.

Bring alive your fiction and creative non-fiction by including nature. From a brief mention of rain to complete world-building, we’ll compare examples of writing with and without nature’s details, and how including them brightens your writing like a sun-dappled morning.

David writes a monthly all-natural techniques gardening column for the Diablo Gazette, called the “Naked Gardener of Contra Costa” – Yes, it’s a metaphor!  His debut book, “Granddad’s Garden – Stories of the Natural World,” is a children’s book for all reading ages.

Visit his website:

Cynthia Barthelemy will be May’s Member Reader.

Cynthia became a “California Girl” in 1964 when she moved to San Diego from Michigan.

In 1965 she became a Flight Attendant for Trans World Airlines, based in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

She was a travel agent for fifteen years; her forte was designing trips throughout the world specifically for each client.

She self-published her first book “Tales of Tails” in 2014, a memoir of living in the country, dealing with many of God’s creatures, both domestic and wild.

In 2000 Cynthia, along with her husband, Bart, planted vineyards on their property in Napa and became vintners, producing seven different varietal Ports.

Country living still agrees with them and they love sharing it with their three grandchildren.

She will read a short portion of her book, “Life On Standby” that was published on Amazon in December 2020.


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