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Overcoming Obstacles to Make a Dream Come True

Napa Valley Writers will host Al Jackson, a television writer and an actor of FX’s Legit who recently published his first children’s book based on kids on the autism spectrum.

Where is Baby Ford? is Al’s first book that started as just a note in his phone (next to his grocery list, to-do list, and random questions, such as “Should I go vegan?”). Al quickly realized that this small note needed more attention, and he got to work on his first draft.

Al overcame procrastination, self-doubt, and ADHD because he knew what he was writing was needed to encourage positive interactions with children on the spectrum.

If you are a writer, reader, or distributor of books, your love of the written word is just as cemented and clear as the process which creates those books is opaque and disjointed.  Al’s goal is not so much to increase the opacity of his writing process but to share his understanding and acceptance as to why it must be so.

Al Jackson is a National Talk Show Host on the television show “Daily Blast Live”, an author, and a professional comedian with a Comedy Central Half Hour Special as well as an hour stand-up special.   He hosted 100 episodes of the BBC’s Officially Amazing. He also spent years touring almost nonstop: performing in all 50 states, Canada, South America, Japan, Europe, and Australia.  He has also been a television writer and an actor of FX’s Legit.  He has an undergraduate degree in biology, 2 years of grant-based medical research at Rhode Island Hospital as well as a two-year graduate Biomedical Sciences Program. Prior to launching his comedy career, Al was a 7th-grade science teacher for five years in South Florida.  Without a doubt, he is most proud of being a father of three wonderful children: Abrian, Elijah, and Ford.


Facebook: Al Jackson Comedy

Instagram: @aljacksonig

Twitter: @aljackson

TikTok: @aljackson24.7

Julie Ann Schrader will be May’s Member Reader.

Julie is a psychotherapist, published author, and teacher. She describes herself as a lover of words. She has been writing poems, songs, and stories since childhood. For Julie, writing is a form of self-reflection; a way to collect herself and to simultaneously put herself aside. Julie has authored a novel of historical fiction, memoir pieces, poems, and short stories. She is drawn to mysticism, magic, and dreams. Her website:


Published original writings:

Poem “Admit One”, anthology Beyond Distance, CWC, 2021.

Poem, “Butterscotch”, CWC Literary Review, 2017

Short story “Playing for Keeps”, First Press, 2017 CWC anthology, 2017

Poem “My Mother is a Talking Poem”, First Press, CWC anthology, 2017

Short story, “Earth’s Children”, The Times they were A-Changing, anthology of women’s stories during the 1960’s & 70’s She Writes Press, Berkeley, 2015

Short story “Lala’s Kitchen”, anthology Lost and Found, The Sitting Room, Penngrove, CA 2013







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