Next Speaker –  February 2020, 2nd Wednesday

 A major part of each meeting is dedicated to a guest speaker.

Napa Valley Writers will host Bernadette Luckett, a Bay Area writer who got her start as a child by writing short stories that appeared in her local newspaper, the Oakland Tribune.

After graduating from San Francisco State with a degree in Biology, she segued from science to standup comedy, performing at venues all over the US. It was her comedy experience that helped snag her a job writing on TV sitcoms. She has been a writer/producer for several sitcoms including Living Single; Girlfriends; Sister, Sister; The Tracy Morgan Show; and Buddies starring Dave Chappelle.

Bernadette will explore how writing has opened up a multitude of exciting opportunities. Her writing has taken her from writing standup comedy to writing TV sitcoms, published short stories, screenplays, A self-help book, poetry and beyond.

Bernadette has had her short stories appear in the anthologies “No Kidding: Women
Writers on Bypassing Parenthood” and “SisterWriterEaters.” She also co-wrote the
self-awareness book “21 Days of Enlightenments.”

Bernadette appeared in and co-produced the award-winning documentary “Comedy
Warrriors: Healing Through Humor.” In the film, she helped coach severely injured Iraq
and Afghanistan veterans to learn to do standup comedy.









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