Writers Helping Writers

Writers Helping Writers explores, educates and coordinates with our members on many avenues to help the members of NVW, including the following:

  • special events
  • social marketing and other craft websites
  • critique groups and writers conferences
  • effective use of editors and editing
  • finding that elusive agent, and/or publisher and getting published, traditionally and/or through self publishing
  • using reviews and reviewers to your best advantage
  • exploring Member Spotlights for our members in various online formats and websites.
  • writers conferences
  • craft work
  • networking
  • promotions of NVW publications, workshops, speaking engagements and special events

NVW is currently looking for a member or members who can share some of the tasks related to our website.  Please contact us if you’d like more information at emailwriterthis@gmail.com


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